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Wedding Rentals - yay or nay?

Believe it or not, it's almost wedding season again!

I've been trying to actually get my life/schedule together this weekend so that I can maximize my time this year. Will and I realized yesterday that last year we only took 1 vacation. Which, honestly, would be fine, however we went over the 4th of July, which was on a Wednesday in 2018, so we only took off work on that Thursday and Friday.

We didn't take any other time off or any other PTO from work to be together (also is strange because the year before we went on 3 long weekend-type vacations together as opposed to just this one). I even remember scrambling over the holiday's/this past December to take off random days so that I wouldn't actually lose time that I had accrued.

So; while we were talking about all of the weddings we are attending this year, talking about the one vacation we've started to plan with his parents, generally getting different things on the calendar to block off weekends, etc. and talking about the last time we had been on vacation, I started thinking about how to set aside time over the summer during my 'busy time'. I wanted to make sure that we could take more trips without sacrificing doing the work that I love and getting involved in people's special days!

Then it dawned on me - rentals. People are always selling their old wedding decor after the party is over, anyway, so why not rent the common signs that most couples get. It's a win-win, really. Couples get to rent a custom sign, pay less/save money (since they won't have to include the cost of materials), and you don't have to worry about storing things later that you don't want - you just give them back!

My mom suggested this about a year ago when I first started and I shrugged the idea off, but as usual, my mom was right.

So far, I ordered a few large chalk board style signs, big pieces of framed glass for welcome signs, table numbers, and frames that I can put different quotes or song lyrics in (see styled shoot with the couples first dance lyrics framed below for ideas/inspo).

Planning/Install: Jess Albins Events

Venue: Rosewood Farms

Photography: Kira Nicole Photography

Photography: Kait Bailey Photography

Florals: Wash Day Floral

Hair: Brushed Beauty LLC

Make-Up: Lime Light Looks

Cake: Flavor Cupcakery

Jewelry: Nelson Coleman Jewelers Rentals: White Glove Rentals

Invitation Suite: MLC Designs

Calligraphy: Amy Scripts

Videography: Fordham Films Bride’s Attire: Morning Lavender

Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse

I think I'm planning on listing rentals, as well as digital designs and custom logo suites on my website first, rather than Etsy, since it won't be an immediate 'buy'. It'll just be a spot to showcase work and allow clients to make inquiries first. Would love to hear your thoughts either way - rentals yay or nay?





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