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We got engaged!

We got engaged.... 5 months ago now, but that's neither here nor there. WE FINALLY DID!

For any of you that know me personally, and for any stranger who I don't know who I've even had one conversation with that led us to talking about anything personal at all, you know that I've been asking to get engaged for only about 2 years now. ;)

Honestly, I was probably the worst to Will. I literally made all of our friends so uncomfortable with jokes about not being engaged (while we were all together), I air-dropped pictures (read: entire albums) of rings that I liked to Will's phone, and honestly talked about it more than anything else. You can ask people, that's not an exaggeration. I never really thought about it as nagging or being annoying (for real) because Will and I have been talking about getting married and spending our lives together for a very very long time and it was really just a joke to us because we knew we were going to be together. We weren't uncomfortable talking about it in front of people, and Will didn't think anything of it, so I just started thinking it was funny at some point to make other people uncomfy.

Idk how I have friends... anyway...

Another thing about me that you may not know is that I HATE surprises. So while I really really REALLY wanted to be engaged, the thought of a surprise proposal or not knowing what the ring was going to look like or WHEN this was going to happen gave me a ton of anxiety. I would have been fine with coming home one day to Will on the couch, me with unwashed hair, and him asking without anyone around or any expectation at all, I just wanted to be engaged.

I think the combination of all of that build up coupled with the fact that I hate surprises and am SUPER nosy/pushy when I know something is going on that I don't know about made it really stressful for me and a lot more stressful than it should have been.

(I'm super type A; Enneagram 1w2 if that helps anyone understand me a little more lol)

So... anyway. I knew that I was getting engaged in 2019. I knew because I made my friends find out for me and I made Will tell me (at a minimum) if it was going to be this year to relieve some of my stress. It was coming up towards the end of the year and Will kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas, so of course I kept just saying a ring, and I pretty much just assumed okay it’ll be a Christmas or New Years’ Eve engagement. I figured that he'd say something along the lines of "I told you we'd get engaged in 2019" or something smart like that, so I wasn't really expecting anything any sooner. We also didn't have any plans in the couple of weeks prior, so that's what it was in my mind.

We got engaged on a Saturday. It started like any other Saturday. Before all of this COVID 19 stuff was even a thought. Will went to the gym every Saturday morning for the same spin class; "Michelle's class at the Merritt at 11am". Every Saturday. So on December 14th 2019, Will got up, got dressed in gym clothes, and 'went to the gym'. He took my car because we parked it our front of the house the night before to make sure there was an open spot for Madison, who was coming over (while Will was gone) to do a photo-shoot with Michelle and I. Maddie and Michelle and I always do photo-shoots together for branding, products, lifestyle, etc. etc. and Maddie JUST got a new fake snow blowing machine for one of her clients. She asked if she could test it out on me and Michelle before her couples engagement shoot, so of course we were down. I can't emphasize enough how normal this was so I honestly didn't expect to not be with them on a Saturday morning with good light and a new toy lol.

We parked out front so that we could control where on the street the cars were for the shot and made Will move them around while we took pictures; simple. Totally normal.

Unfortunately, out front of the house didn't work. We couldn't get the snow blower plugged in the right way with enough power to actually get snow, so had to pull an audible and go out back to our parking pad/ alley way. On the way back there, or at some point, I also asked Michelle if what I was wearing was fine. I said something like, this doesn't need to be fancy right, just random test pics? + She very specifically said to me "well you could at least put on some earrings or something" haha! Which also wasn't a not-normal interaction for us. I did my hair and make-up, but not much else. I looked good enough for photos, but that's about it (I'm not good at the trendy accessorizing thing).

We got the snow machine to work and started to take photos out back.

Michelle went first to show me the way for the solo shots before we took a few together. She's cute, as you can see, and I'm... well... like I said, you can see LOL

I never know what to do with my hands because usually I'm asking for photos of my writing or digging in the garden or actually doing something with my hands, so I needed a little more direction. Which I actually guess looking back is kind of a good thing.

We did our test shots, Michelle got really cute ones, I was really awkward, etc. etc.

Maddie is giving me tons of (amazing) direction and hyping my up the entire time, as usual. She tells me to play with my hair, laugh, do a spin, turn around..... (here's where me needing direction was kind of good.....)

I turn around and HERE COMES WILL.....

I guess he pulled off the surprise.

and of course, I said yes.

I honestly don't remember anything that Will said and I only know that I actually responded because Michelle caught it on video and I cry/yelled YES and that's really all you can hear in the video hahahaha!

Here are some more photos of the best day unfolding:

I honestly had no idea this was happening. I was upset about something dumb the night before, was totally unprepared for an 'engagement shoot' and got yelled at for my ability to accessorize and for my dead hanging plant right before it all happened. & every single tiny detail of the rest of the day was completely perfect.

After the initial shock wore off, we went inside, I got the most adorable custom Mrs. Sasser tee that Amanda sent with Michelle and then her husband, Matt, came with bottles of champagne. We all toasted to this FINALLY happening!

We snapped a few more photos after this, a lot of which I've already shared on my Instagram and then called our parents and went to our favorite local spot to do shots in celebration. My company's holiday party was later that night, and I had so much fun re-introducing Will to everyone by saying "have you met my fiance"? (they all already know Will very well and actually I'm pretty sure they all knew this was coming even before me, so... that's another story, but it was fun nonetheless.

I can't believe how incredibly lucky I am to have such amazing people to help Will pull this off so perfectly and I can't believe that I finally get to marry my best friend. It's funny to be in the wedding industry and to be engaged during this time. Everyone asks if we've set a date, if we already know every detail of what we want, etc. and to be completely honest, I am in no rush. We bought our house this year, we have a perfect puppy baby, and we got engaged. There's nothing else that I can think of that I want in life, and even though you'd think I want to start meticulously planning every little detail, we really just want to enjoy the time we have being engaged right now.

Thank you Madison R Short Photography for the incredible photos (always)

Thank you to The Pickens' for helping to pull this off and keeping the best secret ever

Thank you Nelson Coleman Jewelers in Towson for the incredible custom ring

+ Thanks for waiting 4 months to get the full story - I promise more to come sooner!





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