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The 'About Me' Section

I've now read my first blog post about 500 times. I never thought I'd write a blog, and now I suddenly have so many different thoughts about what to write next. After publishing my last post, I realize that I thought about a lot of different things to put in my about me section on my site, wrote them down, formatting was off, deleted them (wash, rinse, repeat.)

I thought it important to share more about me and how I got started with calligraphy;

So here it goes - a little About Me:

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Pasadena, MD (to be exact), but every time I say that people think California; and as much as I wish I was, I'm definitely not that cool. ​

I have been into art my whole life- I hosted pottery-painting birthday parties as a kid, went to art camps over summers throughout middle school, and begged my mom, aunts, and grand mother to take me to Michael's every chance I got. I've always loved to create things and after you meet my mom, it's no surprise. She has her own small business, too, @DorwayDesigns (check it out on Insta - her and my step-dad kill it in wood working).


Art has always been an outlet for me.

In college, I was in a sorority and big/little crafting was my jam. Hand-painted everything all day. I worked 3 jobs in college on top of school, and when I was done, creating things was really important to me. I worked for my sorority's headquarters for 2 years after I graduated, so creating things, recruitment/event planning, and digitally expressing and sharing our brand was literally my entire job description.

It wasn't until I started in "the real world" that I didn't really have an art outlet to turn to. I found myself getting stressed over little things, having anxiety for no apparent reason, and honestly just feeling like something was missing.

I was asked to help with a sorority recruitment (this time as a volunteer) by our headquarters about 6 months into my new job (shout out to my girl LG for asking me).

I was hesitant at first because I had just started in the corporate world and no one really knew about my sorority obsession. Honestly no one knew - to the extent that my mom bought me a unicorn trashcan for my desk and I didn't even bring it into work because I didn't want to be 'weird'. It's funny to think about now because all of my co-workers buy me everything unicorn when they see it (including balloons, coffee mugs, face-masks and even a box of lucky charms once, no lie.), but I digress.

I had been asked to go to Arizona to help out with recruitment for a new chapter of my sorority that was coming to campus, and at the time I had about 4 days of PTO saved up (just enough for a long weekend of recruitment). I didn't want to ask to take it at first, but it was September and I hadn't taken a vacation yet that summer; not to mention I had a super supportive boss at the time and she insisted that I go. Instead of choosing to go somewhere with my boyfriend (sorry Will!) I decided to go back to "work". Thinking maybe if I recruited college women for 16 hours a day that would de-stress me. LOL ok...

No I didn't get 'de-stressed' recruiting in Arizona, but I did find something that ultimately changed my life. You guessed it: calligraphy.

We were sitting in a Staples one night at probably 9:50pm right before they closed, waiting for fliers to print for the next day. I picked up a random holographic notebook from the sale section and a set of Staples brand felt-tip pens, and started doodling. I said to the girls, I really want to learn calligraphy and then and there my scripting obsession was born.

^ actual pages of my first alphabets sketched in aforementioned notebook on the plane ride home.

When I got back Maryland and back to the office, I told my boss, and now one of my closest friends and biggest supporters. She, in her true-to-self fashion, got way too excited for me and immediately started rapid fire-ing off ideas of things I needed to do. We went out on a lunch break the next week (read: shopping at Michael's) and I found a hand-lettering how-to book. I bought it to start practicing, showed the rest of my team, and the rest is history.

I'm so lucky to have a team at my day job that helps me come up with everything from different quotes to write, pens to try, and even helping brainstorm my name: AmyScripts.

Through this process I've learned the importance of not only having an outlet for stress, but learning the importance of art in my life and how crucial it is to have people behind you supporting every crazy dream of yours, every step of the way.

& for that, I thank you for reading this, again. If you're reading this, it means you've played an important part in this journey for me. Even reading just this post is such a support and I appreciate it more than you know.





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