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Thanks, it's from Amazon.

Okay, so, I just learned about the not so hidden gem of a virtual closet that is Amazon and really wanted to share. For the record, before now - aside from my clothes, I ordered everything from Amazon. Everything from my favorite notebooks when they were sold out at Target, my favorite dry shampoo that I use every single day (complete with an Amazon button next to my makeup for easy re-order when I run out), pens, markers, Cricut vinyl, essential oils, puppy clean up bags, treats, and even my mascara because I knew Prime would have it delivered before I made it to the drug store.

To be honest, I never in a million years would have gone onto Amazon for clothes, but I've found myself doing it more and more recently, especially for special occasions.

I've had a lot of people ask me about some of the clothes I've had on for different shoots, my company's holiday party, and even everyday wear, so I thought I'd share them here!

First, the Pinterest-worthy Christmas outfit is (almost) all Amazon, head to toe.

The only thing I already owned was the white crop top, but they do have a very similar one that I've linked below, in case you don't have something similar to wear up top.

The red shoes - ADORABLE and I feel like make the whole outfit. I usually wear an 8 and bought them in an 8. The reviews said they fit a little big, which I do agree with; they were a little loose, but I feel like if I went down a size to a 7.5 they would have been too tight. I typically like more room in my heels because I feel like I can wear them for longer periods of time (might be all in my head, jury is still out on that one), but I needed these for my photo-shoot in the morning and for the holiday party later.

The other cool thing about the shoes? The bow can be removed! That's right, it slips on and off, so if you need red heels for another event and don't want the big statement bow, you can use these again! They also come in lots of other colors, if red isn't your thing.

The green skirt - I'll be honest, when I took it out of the bag I did not think it was going to fit. I think I told 3 people that it was made for barbie's, but the looks were deceiving. It is cut small, but not as small as I thought. In jeans, I usually buy a 2 or a 4. I checked reviews and the sizing chart and it looked like this would be cut small, so I went with the 4 (which is still classified as a S on the sizing chart, I think?) but I would recommend going a size up in this.

I also waited until like 6 hours before I needed to wear it to try it on, so maybe not the best planning on my part. Amazon delivers quick, but no one would have been able to help me work that miracle if it didn't fit. The best part? IT HAS POCKETS!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone is interested in my humble opinion on fashion, I think it'd also be super cute to get the heels in navy and the skirt in the blush/millennial pink color for spring/Easter!

Like I mentioned, I didn't get my white crop top on Amazon, for no other reason than I just already had one, but a very similar one is here:

Though that was my favorite look from the day, and the one I've gotten the most inquiries about, I did have one quick outfit change in the process for a more casual look.

I was pleasantly surprised when this particular Sherpa vest arrived because I'd been wanting a similar one for a very long time and couldn't bring myself to spend as much as I was seeing them for. I will say I wear this vest all. the. time. Pretty much every single casual Friday at work since buying it & it's got pockets big enough to fit my phone and a hood!

I ordered the vest in a medium because I figured I'd be wearing it over larger tops in the winter and in the photo the vest does look much longer than it is.

So I'll start by saying that; I do wish it was longer.

But, for $13 it was definitely worth it, super warm, the perfect color, and the look I was going for without breaking the bank.

Thinking of linking some things that I'm obsessing over for different product shoots that I do at home (without a professional) and other nick-knacks I've come across along the way - would love to hear your feedback and if you're interested!

Thanks for reading and please share your fave Amazon finds, too!





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