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I never thought I'd create a blog

Hi! My name's Amy Malczewski - first and foremost, thanks so much for checking out my page; it really does mean a lot to me!!! Today I created a website. It's so bizarre to think and to say out loud and even stranger to write down. I created a website.

You see, I'm a Digital Recruiter by day, and a self-taught calligrapher by night. Scratch that. I'm a Digital & Creative services Account Manager by day (I got promoted last weekend, YAY me!) so it's strange to think for the last 2 years, I've been looking at other people's websites, portfolios, etc. and trying to match their brand and vision to those of the companies that my team works with. I guess maybe I got slightly jaded by what amount of time and energy went into carving out your own little corner of the digital world. I would spend a few minutes clicking through work, forming my opinion, talking to people about their beautiful creations and just thought wow - I would never be able to do that. I'm not a designer. I'm not a web developer. I just match talent to opportunity - that's it. That's my job.

But today I created a website.

Don't get me wrong, I did not develop or program this site by any means or stretch of the imagination, but I am still pretty proud to be hitting that publish button, and sharing more of my creations with you and continuing to carve out my own little space online.

As I was sitting here creating my page, I was adding photos, deciding which products I wanted featured, adding and deleting sections (mostly adding the ones labeled recommended, but hey, that's a start). I changed colors, themes, sizes and words, and thought more and more to myself about my "brand".

I have some really great friends in my life with some really amazing brands and I never really thought of having one, myself. @Crohnicallyblonde and @Madisonrshort photography once asked me during a product photo-shoot what my "brand" was and I didn't really know how to answer. They both told me that my brand was "me". It was my look, it was my favorite colors, it was my handwriting, it was my style, just simply put; me. This really stuck because for a while I was only posting photos of the work I'd done to my Instagram feed. Never really sharing things about my life (definitely not sharing pictures of myself) or about me. I didn't think people wanted to the person behind the paint pen and kept my personal Instagram account separate from @AmyScripts.

Turns out - this was a big mistake.

I started AmyScripts a little over a year ago on November 11, 2017 as an account that I could post to show my progress in learning hand scripting and modern calligraphy. It was an account that I posted to so I could see week over week, month over month, how I was improving and an account that I would post to hold myself accountable to actually practicing. I wanted to see my progress, and I wanted people to follow along if they were interested. I love creating pretty things and I wanted to one day open an Etsy shop to share those pretty things with others.

So today, as I was creating my website, I was thinking a lot about brand. My brand. Me. A big part of what was missing from my site was an "about me" section. I started to type and the section quickly became too long for the first page so here we are. I decided to take my friends' advice, share more about me, and not be held back by the fear or the assumption that people don't care or don't want to know about the girl behind the art. I do believe that your brand is you and I do believe that sharing the whole story shapes your brand.

People always ask me what font I'm using and I tell them it's my handwriting - it can't be copied or recreated and nothing that I make can really be created a second time because of it. That's important to my brand, but it's not my whole brand. My handwriting is just a small piece of me. It might be the thing I share the most of, but it will never be my whole brand. Which leads me to here...

I created a blog.

I'm excited for what's to come, to share more with you, and for you to follow along with my whole brand and my journey in learning modern calligraphy.

Thanks so much for reading - more to come!





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