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I'm Back in (the wood) Business!

I'm not sure how many people know this or not, but on Sunday January 27th, 2019 what AmyScripts had been for a little over a year drastically changed.

LOL, no just kidding, I'm being v. dramatic, but in all honestly, I was so sad when The Foundery closed.

The Foundery was a community Maker's Space in Baltimore (approximately 10 blocks from my house) that I learned to do so much more than I could imagine with my products, business, and just with tools in general. For $50 you could take classes that certified you to use various machines in the space, and for $10 you could purchase a day pass to finish your products on any machine you were certified to use! I think most know that I used the laser engravers to take my iPad files and create big or small creations for wedding, holidays, or just every day home signs to give them an added 3D flare or to create stand alone pieces. It was always my favorite thing to do, to go in there, talk to all of the different makers and learn about their trades, and to literally learn to use huge machines that I never thought I'd have the opportunity to use on my own (read: power tools and table saws, what...)

When The Foundery closed, I was:

  1. surprised!!! 2018 was their best year, and there was ALWAYS a wait on the laser engravers. So much so that they had to put time limits on them!

  2. sad that I wasn't going to be able to learn new techniques (I really wanted to take this hydro-cutter class to cut my scripts out of thicker acrylic)

  3. selfishly, really nervous at what this was going to do for AmyScripts.

I had been doing a ton of my work there over the holiday's, but also last summer leading up to it. Almost all of my work was exclusively from the laser cutters and certainly everything I was doing at the time had some element of the cutters involved. I was so nervous about how I was going to keep offering products that were special, different, or if I would be able to keep the momentum going with sales. I'm also really not good at telling people 'no' so I was honestly nervous about that, too, and if people would continue to follow along with me if I had to say no to an order... still working on that one.

I talked to friends, fellow calligraphers and bloggers, family, anyone, trying to get advice on what they would do if they were in my shoes. Some suggested blogging about it, putting some sort of announcement out, raising my prices, buying a machine of my own, etc. etc. and I really did consider all of those options. I had written (I think maybe 2) blog posts at the time, so that didn't seem like the right outlet for me. I thought about writing a post on why my prices were raising and incorporating this situation in there, but every time I wrote something down it didn't sound like me. I looked up prices of different machines and (LOL) could not be justified by me alone. So I shared The Foundery's Instagram announcement and hoped that people reading in their own words would understand.

I got a lot of support; people knew how much I loved going there and how often I did and people 100% understood when I had to say no to projects; which was very refreshing and definitely helped me to grow in that sense. Not to mention, before I left, I was able to bulk make a few of the most popular things I sold last year (ornaments/bottle tags, cake toppers for wedding and bridal shower, and welcome/home sweet home signs).

However, Will and I were also moving in a month, and he was adamant about throwing a lot out, including all of the plywood I bought in bulk so I wouldn't have to make tons of individual trips to Home Depot for every order.

Good thing I followed my instinct, ignored @sassnasty7 (sorry babe), and hid all of that extra wood in our new basement because........


(but not how you're thinking)


That's right - I have access to one of the same size machines in the comfort of my own parent's home. Literally I was SHOOK when Wayne told me yesterday and I can NOT wait to que up all of my projects that were TBD. Just in time for wedding, sorority recruitment and holiday season, amirite?!





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